SMC Series – Stacked Capacitors

MLCC Design, Suitable for Switchmode Power Supply Filters

Features Applications
  • Stacked design offers the high capacitance similar to Tantalum but with extremely low ESR advantage.
  • 'J', 'L' and 'N' Leaded configuration provide mechanical and thermal stress relief.
  • Capacitance values up to 44μF. Voltage from 50V to 1 KV.
  • Available in NPO and X7R dielectrics.
  • HIREL screening available.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Power supplies
  • DC-DC converters
  • Surge protection
  • Industrial control circuits
  • Snubbers
  • Filtering, smoothing, and decoupling application
  • HIREL applications
  • Custom applications

Summary of Specifications

Operation Temperature -55 to +125 °C
Rated Voltage 50Vdc to 1000Vdc
Temperatue Coefficent NP0 : ≤ ± 30ppm/ °C ,
-55 ~ +125 °C (EIA Class I)
X7R: ≤ ± 15% ,
-55 ~ +125 °C (EIA Class II )
Capacitance Range NP0 : 68pF - 220nF , X7R: 1000pF - 18uF
Dissipation Factor NPO : Q~ 1000 at 1 KHz / X7R : 2.5%max. at 1 KHz
Insulation Resistance 10GΩ or 500/CΩ, whichever is smaller
Aging NP0: 0% ,
X7R: 1 % per decade of time typical
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage V ≤50V ; 200% Rated Voltage
100V ≤ V <500V ; 200% Rated Voltage
500V ≤ V <1 KV ; 150% Rated Voltage
1000V = 120% Rated Voltage
Tolerance ± 2% tolerances are only available in NPO
Patent Number M505047

How To Order

How to Order SMC Stacked Capacitors

Dimensional Shape

SMC Dimensional Shape Diagram

SMC Dimensional Shape Diagram


Unit : mm [inches]

SMC Dimensions Chart

'h' varies depends on the lead style. See lead configuralion above
"LL" Applies only to Straight (N) leads

X Type-Horizontal Dimensions

Unit : mm [inches]

SMC Stacked Capacitors X Type Horizontal Dimensions Chart

X Type-Vertical Dimensions

Unit : mm [inches]

SMC Stacked Capacitors X Type Vertical Dimensions Chart

Capacitance Range

Other Stacked configuration on other sizes, capacitance values and voltages rating are available. Please contact Holy Stone.

SMC Capacitors Capacitance Range Chart

Soldering And Handling Precautions:

The recommended method for soldering large SMC capacitor is reflow soldering. Wave soldering and manual soldering with Iron is not recommended.

Ceramic capacitors must be preheated with less than 2°C/sec rate to about 50°C below the reflow temperature. Sudden increase, or decrease in temperature more than the recommended rate, during soldering, may cause internal thermal cracks.