Holy Stone Safety-Rated Ceramic Capacitors

Holy Stone has one of the broadest industry offerings of Safety Certified Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs). Our SCC series includes X2 and X1/Y2 classes rated at 250Vrm. These products are certified compliant with IEC60384-14 and UL60384-14. A 305Vrms 2220 size X2 version is also offered with compliance confirmed under TUV test report number 28208004 (May 27, 2010). These products are available in Class I NPO (COG) and Class II X7R dielectrics.

Characteristics of Safety MLCCs:
Safety Capacitors have designations of X or X/Y. The X designation is used in "line to line" circuit applications in which a failure would not result in electrical shock. The Y designation refers to "line to ground" circuit applications where failure and loss of the ground connection could result in electrical shock. The X/Y designation refers to products that have been certified for use in either "line to line" or "line to ground" applications.

The numeric designation following the X(2), X(1)Y(2) refers to the AC Voltage Rating and the Impulse Voltage to which the product has demonstrated compliance. In the case of X2, the Rated AC Voltage is 250Vrms with Impulse testing performed at 2500Vrms Impulse Voltage. In the case of the X1/Y2, the Rated AC Voltage is 250Vrms with Impulse testing performed at 5000Vrms. (see Summary Specifications Chart for all Characteristics)

Holy Stone also offers a line of X1Y2 Safety Certified Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors suitable for Automotive Applications. These products are particularly suited for charging systems for Electric and Chargeable Hybrid Automobiles. Please see our AEC Automotive product line for AEC-Q200 and ACC product line for TS16949 (PPAP Level 3 + AEC-Q200).


  • Small size and high capacitance
  • Suitable for reflow soldering
  • Safety standard approval by IEC60384-14, UL 60950-1 and UL60384-14
  • RoHS compliant and Lead (Pb) free option
  • Certified to: TUV R50005234, R50103496 & UL E229738 TUV R50162550 & UL E300818 & UL E229738 for Lead (Pb) free
  • Available with Superterm® flexible termination
  • Available with proprietary arc prevention coating


  • Telecommunications Equipment including Telephones, Modems, Facsimiles, etc.
  • Electronic Equipment and Appliances requiring protection from transient surges or lighting.
  • Electric and Hybrid Automobiles in the charging circuitry.

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Holy Stone Capacitors for Safety Applications

Please see the below schematic and reference for a LED lighting design example:

MLCC for Safety Applications - Capacitors for Safety

C1: X Capacitor  SCC Series, 103-333pF, X x 1pcs
C2: Y Capacitor  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 2pcs
C3: Primary-Secondary Coupling  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 1pcs
C4: Smoothing Cap.

 MVC/HVC Series, 333-104pF, 630-1KVdc

 HCP Series, 400Vdc

C5: Snubber  MVC Series, 102-224pF, 250-630Vdc x 1pcs
C6: Snubber  MVC/HVC Series, 101-102pF, 630-1KVdc x 1pcs
C7: Output Smoothing  HCC/MVC Series, 105-106pF, 25-100Vdc x 1pcs

SCC Series - Safety Certified Capacitors

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
[X2 and X1/Y2 Safety Certified Capacitors]
SCC Series Rated up to 305Vac

The SCC series X2 and X1/y2 RATED AT 250Vrms and X2 rated at 305Vrms safety capacitors are designed specifically for use in modern, facsimile, telephone, and other electronic equipment. These parts are compliant with IEC60384-14, UL60950-1, and UL60384-14 standards. These capacitors are available in NPO (COG) and X7R dielectrics.

Features Applications
  • Small size & high capacitance
  • Suitable for reflow soldering
  • Surface mount
  • Safety standard approval by IEC60384-14, UL60950-1, and UL60384-14
  • RoHS compliant and Lead(Pb) free option
  • Certified to: TUV R50005234, R50103496 & UL E229738, TUV R50162550 & UL E300818 & UL E229738 for LEad(Pb) Free
  • The X2 and X1/Y2 (250Vrms) and X2-(305Vrms) are specially designed for use in Modern, Facsimile, Telephone and other telecommunication equipment, electronic equipment for lightning and surge protection, EMI filtering, and Isolation.

Safety Details of Specifications

IEC 60384-14:2013+AMD1:2016 Meets the electrical requirements and certification for equipment requirings Class X1/Y2 and X2 devices.
EN 60384-14:2013+AMD1:2016
UL 60384-14 2014, 2nd Edition Component certified for equipment requiring UL-60384-14 compliance
UL 60950-1 : 2007, 2nd Edition TNV/SELV isolation capacitors certified to UL 60950-1

How To Order

Safety Certified MLCC capacitors or multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Summary of Specifications

Rated Voltage AC 250Vrms and AC 305Vrms
Temperature Coefficient NP0: < ± 30ppm/℃, -55 ℃ to +125 ℃ (EIA CLass I)
X7R: ± 15%, -55 ℃ to +125 ℃ (EIA Class I)
Capacitance Range X1/Y2 : 2.0pF ~ 4700pF
X2 - 250Vrms : 2pF ~56nF
X2 - 305Vrms : 150pF ~ 33nF
Quality and Dissipation Factor NP0: Q≥1000, X7R: D.F. ≤ 2.5%
Climatic Category 55/125/21
Insulation Resistance 10GΩ
Voltage Proof X Capacitor: Applied Voltage 1075Vdc(4.3Ur), 1312Vdc(4.4Ur)
Y Capacitor: Applied Voltage 1500Vac
Impulse X2: 2.5KV, Y2: 5KV for three times
Aging NP0: 0%, X7R: 1.0% per decade hr., typically


Safety applications of capacitors. Holy Stone offers a full line of safety capacitors.

Capacitance Range

Ceramic capacitor values. See Holy Stone's SCC line of multilayer ceramic capacitors.

'X' Denotes values that have been tested to a rated voltage of 305Vac. TUV test report number 28208004 dated May 27th, 2010.

MLCC Capacitors, x2 capacitors, y2 capacitors, and safety capacitors from Holy Stone.