LED Capacitors – Lighting & LED Drivers

Holy Stone LED Capacitors for Lighting

Holy Stone produces a variety of multilayer ceramic capacitors  and LED capacitors, specifically used in various lighting circuits. Temperature coefficients include stable Class I, COG/NPO dielectrics, Class II X7R for greater capacitance/voltage density as well as X7T and X7P for capacitance density and improved DC Bias characteristics. X7T and X7P dielectrics are commonly used as lower-cost replacements for leaded polyester and polypropylene film capacitors. Example applications include:

  • LED Drivers
  • Fluorescent, halogen, and CFL ballast
  • Industrial lighting
  • Street, traffic, and safety lights
  • Automotive lighting
  • Snubber and smoothing
  • Luminaires featuring light sensors and dimmable LED’s

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LED Capacitors for LED Lighting from Holy Stone

Please see the below schematic and reference for design examples.

LED Lighting - Capacitors for Lighting

C1: X Capacitor  SCC Series, 103-333pF, X x 1pcs
C2: Y Capacitor  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 2pcs
C3: Primary-Secondary Coupling  SCC Series, 471-472pF, Y x 1pcs
C4: Smoothing Cap.

 MVC/HVC Series, 333-104pF, 630-1KVdc

 HCP Series, 400Vdc

C5: Snubber  MVC Series, 102-224pF, 250-630Vdc x 1pcs
C6: Snubber  MVC/HVC Series, 101-102pF, 630-1KVdc x 1pcs
C7: Output Smoothing  HCC/MVC Series, 105-106pF, 25-100Vdc x 1pcs

MVC Series - Middle Voltage Capacitors (100Vdc to 630Vdc)

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

[Middle Voltage Capacitors -- NPO, X7R, 100Vdc to 630Vdc]

Holy Stone high voltage products are designed and manufactured to meet the general requirements of international standards. The product offering is well suited for commercial and industrial applications and includes NPO (C0G) and X7R characteristics in sizes 0402 to 2225 and with working voltages up to 630Vdc.

Features Applications
  • Special internal electrode design offers the highest voltage rating
  • Surface mount suitable for wave and reflow soldering
  • High Reliability
    RoHs compliant
  • Suitable for LAN/WLAN interface, Back-Lighting Inverter, DC-DC Converters, Ballast, Modems, and Power Supplies.
  • SiC and GaN systems, Snubber, Resonant Circuit (LLC, Wireless Charging, etc.)

Summary of Specifications

Operation Temperature -55℃ to +125 ℃
Rated Voltage 100Vdc to 630Vdc
Temperature Coefficient NP0: < ± 30ppm/℃, -55 ℃ to +125 ℃ (EIA Class I)
X7R: ≤± 15%, -55 ℃ to +125 ℃ (EIA Class II)
Dissipation Factor

More than 30pF : Q≥1000
30pF & Below: Q≥400+20C (C: Capacitance, pF)

100V : 5% (C≥0.1uF)
100V : 5% (C<0.1uF)
Other Voltage: 2.5% max

Insulation Resistance 10GΩ or 500CΩ, whichever is smaller
Aging NP0: 0%, X7R: Typically 1.0% per decade of time
Dielectric Strength 100V ≤ V < 500V : 200% Rated Voltage
500V ≤ V < 1000V : 150% Rated Voltage
1000 ≤ V: 120% Rated Voltage

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6v capacitors for led light applications

Capacitance Range - NP0 / 100Vdc to 630 Vdc

capacitors for led lights

Capacitance Range - X7R / 100Vdc to 630 Vdc

Capacitance Ranges for LED Capacitors

  • The yellow indication denotes values that are under development. Please contact the Holy Stone office for further details
  • Other dimensions, capacitance values, and voltage ratings are available upon request. Please contact Holy Stone.

Thickness Specification

Symbol Code S O A B C
Thickness(mm) 0.3±0.3 0.5±0.5 0.6±0.1 0.85±0.15 1.0+0.1/-0.05
Symbol Code D E F G H I
Thickness(mm) 1.25±0.20 1.6±0.2 2.0±0.2 2.4±0.2 2.8±0.2 3.2±0.2