LCC Series – Large Size Capacitors

Features Applications
  • Optimized internal designs offers the highest voltage rating (up to 8KVdc)
  • Capacitance range from 100pF to 18uF and sizes from 2520 to 3640
  • Available with proprietary surface coating for arc prevention
  • Available with flexible termination (Super Term) to minimized the effects of mechanical stress
  • RoHS compliant
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • Power Supplies
  • DC-DC Converters
  • Surge Protection
  • Industrial control circuits
  • Isolation
  • Ballast
  • Snubber
  • Custom applications

Summary of Specifications

Operation Temperature -55 ℃ ~ +125 ℃
Rated Voltage 50Vdc to 8KVdc
Temperatue Coefficent NP0 : ≤ ± 30ppm/ °C ,
-55 ~ +125 °C (EIA Class I)
X7R: ≤ ± 15% ,
-55 ~ +125 °C (EIA Class II )
Capacitance Range NP0 : 68pF - 220nF , X7R: 1000pF - 18uF
Dissipation Factor X7R, X5R, X6S, X7S : 15% max
Insulation Resistance 10GΩ or 500/CΩ, whichever is smaller (C in Farad )
Aging NP0: 0% ,
X7R: 2.5 % per decade of time
Dielectric Strength V ≤ 500V : 200% Rated Voltage
500V ≤ V < 1000V : 150% Rated Voltage
V ≥1000V : 120% Rated Voltage

How To Order

Holy Stone capacitors


LCC Large Capacity Capacitor Dimensions

Capacitance Range

LCC Capacitance Range Chart

  • All values are capacitance EIA codes.
  • Other dimensions, capacitance values, and voltages rating are available. Please contact Holy Stone

Soldering And Handling Precautions:

large ceramic capacitors are more prone to thermal and mechanical cracks. To minimize mechanical cracks, capacitors have to be handled
carefully in the original waffle pack container, carrier tape or other suitable container. Care must be taken that these capacitors do not come into contact with each other which can cause chip outs, cracks or other mechanical damage.

The recommended method for soldering large chips is reflow soldering. Wave soldering and manual soldering with Iron is not recommended.
Ceramic capacitors must be preheated with less than 2°C/second rate to about 50°C below the reflow temperature. Any sudden increase or
decrease In temperature more than the recommended rate, during soldering, may cause Internal thermal craclcks.


  • Holy Stone offers polymer termination (Super Term) for very large chips to minimize mechanical cracks due to board flexing.
  • To minimize the potential for surface arcing in higher voltage applications, IHHEC offers the option of a proprietary surface coating.