HCN – High Capacitance NP0

Replacement for Film Capacitor

Features Applications
  • Small size & high Capacitance
  • Suitable for wave and reflow soldering
  • Excellent characteristics and tight tolerances
  • Excellent Bias, high temperature stability &
    low Tan δ
  • Replace Film Capacitors
  • RoHS compliant
  • Suitable for ADSL filter circuits, cable Modem and coupling circuits, general Telecommunication use, power (Inverter tor oscillation circuit), wireless charger and audio circuit

Summary of Specifications

Operation Temperature -55 to +125 °C
Rated Voltage 16Vdc to 50Vdc
Temperatue Coefficent

NPO: ≤± 30ppm/ °C , -55 °C to +125 °C (EIA Class I)

Capacitance Range 1nF ~ 220nF
Dissipation Factor Q 1000 at 1KHz 20 °C
Insulation Resistance 10GΩ or 500/C Ω, whichever is smaller (C in Farad)
Dielectric Strength 250% Rated Voltage for 1~ 5 seconds@ 50mA max. current
Aging 0% per decade hr.

How To Order

HCN High Capacitance Capacitors How to Order


High Capacitance NP0 Characteristics Graph


High Capacitance NP0 Characteristics


High Capacitance NP0 Dimension Block

Capacitance Range

hcn capacitance range

  • Other dimensions, capacitance values, and voltage ratings are available on request. Please contact Holy Stone.

Symbol Code O A B C
Thickness(mm) 0.5±0.5 0.6±0.1 0.85±0.15 1.0+0.1/-0.05
Symbol Code D E F G H I
Thickness(mm) 1.25±0.20 1.6±0.2 2.0±0.2 2.4±0.2 2.8±0.2 3.2±0.2