HCH Series – 6.3V ~ 25V High Capacitance (0.1uF and above)

Holy Stone offers a high capacitance product line ranging from compact (0.6x0.3mm) to large (3.2x1 .6mm) for a variety of temperature characteristics, packages, and rated voltages.

Features Applications
  • Materials with general-purpose dielectric for Ceramic Capacitors
  • Small size & high capacitance values
  • 125°C max, special temperature characteristics
  • General and specialized applications
  • SG Base Station

Summary of Specifications

Operation Temperature X7R: -55 °C to +125 °C
Rated Voltage 6.3Vdc to 25Vdc
Temperature Coefficient

X7R: ±15% at -55 °c to +125 °C (Not EIA)
Range of capacitance change rate is specified with 50% of rated voltage.

Dissipation Factor 10% max. at 1 KHz 25°C
Insulation Resistance

V ≤10V 100/CΩ ; V>10V 500/CΩ (C in Farads)

Dielectric Withstanding 250% of the rated voltage from 1 to 5 seconds. (Rated voltages 25V)
Capacitance Tolerance ± 10%, ± 20%
Aging Typically 1%

How To Order

HCH - High Capacitance MLCCs - Ordering Information


Dimensions of HCH High Capacitance MLCCs

Capacitance Range

Capacitance Range for HCH High Capacitance MLCCs